Universal Series Audio Monitors

Our Universal Series Audio Monitors are full bandwidth models suitable for all current and proposed audio monitoring formats. This series will appeal to those requiring the highest performance multi-channel or stereo audio monitoring systems. All models employ the Bandwidth Extension Module (BEM).

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Cone Transducer

Mid Bass Transducer

The GROVER NOTTING® cone transducers are based on unique compact under-hung motor systems with large neodymium ring magnets. The patent pending motor offers a very long linear excursion together with a very high force factor. The top plate is shaped to “guide” the backside airflow around the motor (to aid cooling) with the very open cast aluminium chassis design the transducer is virtually free from compression.

Transducer Highlights: Neo magnet, Under-hung motor system, Exceptionally long linear stroke for extended bass performance.

HF Transducer

HF Transducer

We believe the GN120DT4 is the best sounding HF electro dynamic transducer in the world. It has astounding ability to accurately reveal all the sound in recordings. This transducer incorporates technologies that remove distortion in the magnet systems and in the moving parts of the speaker. The philosophy is that the sound has to be very dynamic, giving a perfect transient response and providing tonal balance. In the GN120DT4, additional enhancements have been made to reduce distortion and power compression and to optimize airflow in the chambers, producing a unique design.

Transducer Highlights: 1" soft dome, neodymium motor, non-resonant aluminium chamber, multiple chamber low compression design, machined aluminium faceplate.

CODE 1.5

CODE 1.5

This model was developed to exploit the remarkable voicing and linearity of the unique GROVER NOTTING® 149mm (5 ¼ inch) full range cone transducer. The design brief was to produce an ultra small audio monitor, but with full bandwidth and high output capability. With the implementation of the Bandwidth Extension module, the Code 1.5 frequency bandwidth is 75Hz (at the corner frequency) through 32kHz. Such is the combined motor power of the cone transducer and the HF device, it is capable of producing 100dB at close to 1 metre, and all from a 3.1 litre infinite baffle enclosure.

The size to performance ratio makes this a truly unique critical listening system, a tiny monitor delivering a "large enclosure performance". The Code 1.5 will perform well in a small or large space and will find favour in all audio production disciplines. It will excel for those working with voice and acoustic instruments. Its market will be music recording / mixing / mastering and post production. The Code 1.5 is designed for freestanding, but can be soffit mounted in some environments

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This model was the first GROVER NOTTING® Universal Series Audio Monitor to be developed, therefore the benchmark for the entire range, with regard to common voicing and imaging characteristics.  The Code 4 is the quintessential multi-purpose monitor, designed for use in near to mid field listening environments. At an enclosure capacity of 16.6 litres, it is small relative to its performance capability. It delivers 105dB at 1 metre with a frequency bandwidth of 38Hz to 32kHz. Like the Code 1.5 it is remarkably linear through the Audio Information Band©, with Low Frequency reproduction tight and musical, thanks to the control and management capability of the Bandwidth Extension Module.  The Code 4 will be popular in all audio production disciplines. The Code 4 is designed for free-standing, but can be soffit mounted in some environments.

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The Code 5 is an extremely versatile audio monitor, designed for application in typical mid field listening environments (around 3 metres plus). However it is equally at home in a near field environment. Based on the Code 4, it delivers greater Sound Pressure Level (105dB at 2 metres) and with extended Low Frequency response (35Hz to 32kHz).  In common with all GROVER NOTTING®  
Universal Series Audio Monitors it is physically small relative to its performance capability. Like the other models in the range, the Code 5 is impressively linear through the Audio Information Band©, with truly remarkable Low Frequency response. It will find favour in all audio production disciplines. The Code 5 is designed for free-standing, but can be soffit mounted in some environments.

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