Theatre Sound

The GROVER NOTTINGĀ® Theatre Sound product range has been developed as a voice enhancement reproduction system, using many of the technologies and techniques deployed in the GROVER NOTTINGĀ® Cross Reference and Universal Series Audio Monitor systems. It will find favour in spaces such as Theatre and Houses of Worship, where the natural and linear reproduction of the voice is of paramount importance. This product range is the perfect acoustic device, it requires no DSP management nor any transfer device (except when augmented with the dedicated Low Frequency Extension system). The flexibility of the system is remarkable and can be successfully deployed as a Front Of House or as on stage Fold Back system. The four full bandwidth models can be mixed in any relevant configuration without compromise, made easier by the dedicated arraying system, clever in its simplicity and ease of assembly.

Prototype systems are currently undergoing field trials, please contact us should you wish to know launch dates etc.

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