Mastering Series Audio Monitors

The GROVER NOTTING® Mastering Series consists of two Extended Bandwidth models, the creation of which resulted from numerous suggestions and requests from professionals in the audio production industry, in particular Mastering engineers. These two models clearly represent the state of the art in premium performance audio monitoring. Whilst they can be applied in any format and in any production environment, they where designed specifically for stereo music mixing and mastering. All models employ the Bandwidth Extension Module, and are supplied with a purpose designed power plant system.

View our Power Plant Series for information regarding the powering of these systems.

A Word on Subjective Listening

No form of words can ever convey from one individual to another, the experience of actually listening. Listening is completely subjective and the translation from the heard to the spoken is always flawed. However, the listening experience for the GROVER NOTTING® Mastering Series is completely revelatory. It is sometimes helpful when listening at this level, and without a long term opportunity, to have some guidance in what to listen for:

The GROVER NOTTING® Mastering Series offers significant extension in the 3 dimensions of;

  1. Reproduced Frequencies
  2. Lateral Spatial Imaging
  3. Spatial Depth

Concentrating on one aspect at a time while listening to a variety of material will assist the listener to form a clear opinion of the performance of these audio monitors.

Cone Transducer

Mid Bass Transducer

The GROVER NOTTING® cone transducers are based on unique compact under-hung motor systems with large neodymium ring magnets. The patent pending motor offers a very long linear excursion together with a very high force factor. The top plate is shaped to “guide” the backside airflow around the motor (to aid cooling) with the very open cast aluminium chassis design the transducer is virtually free from compression.

Transducer Highlights: Neo magnet, Under-hung motor system, Exceptionally long linear stroke for extended bass performance.

HF Transducer

HF Transducer

We believe the GN120DT4 is the best sounding HF electro dynamic transducer in the world. It has astounding ability to accurately reveal all the sound in recordings. This transducer incorporates technologies that remove distortion in the magnet systems and in the moving parts of the speaker. The philosophy is that the sound has to be very dynamic, giving a perfect transient response and providing tonal balance. In the GN120DT4, additional enhancements have been made to reduce distortion and power compression and to optimize airflow in the chambers, producing a unique design.

Transducer Highlights: 1" soft dome, neodymium motor, non-resonant aluminium chamber, multiple chamber low compression design, machined aluminium faceplate.

Mastering Series CODE 101

The Code 101 is a compact, dual chamber, ultra high performance critical listening system. Its frequency bandwidth is 25Hz (at the corner frequency) through 32kHz, representing a range of over 10 octaves and with only 2 frequency divisions. Output power relative to size is impressive, delivering 105dB at 1.5 metres. Due its remarkable size to performance capability, it will find favour in many small and large production environments. There are many who feel this could well be one of the most popular products in the GROVER NOTTING® Mastering Series Audio Monitor range. The Code 101 is designed for free-standing and soffit mounting in some environments.

View Code 101 Specifications

Mastering Series CODE 102

The Code 102 is a substantial triple chamber state of the art critical listening system, the ‘flagship’ of the GROVER NOTTING® Mastering Audio Monitor range. The system employs 5 transducers and its frequency bandwidth is 24Hz (at the corner frequency) through 32kHz and with only 2 frequency divisions. Its output capability is 105dB at over 2.5 metres. The Code 102 will benefit any production environment but is ideally suited to medium to large production spaces. The Code 102 is designed for free-standing and soffit mounting in some environments

View Code 102 Specifications


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