Low Frequency Augmentation Series

Low Frequency Augmentation Series CODE 10 Specifications

A Note on Loudspeaker Specifications

It is a fact that while technical specifications are definitive; performance specifications are not. A speaker will perform differently subject to the constraints of its acoustic environment. When producing performance specifications, we believe they must represent the ‘real world’. We also suggest they be used as a guide only to the potential of a specific system. Therefore our performance specifications are produced, as a result of ‘real world’ testing, conservatively and with the goal of publishing useful data as opposed to marketing hyperbole.

Enclosure Configuration  Powered active
Enclosure Type  Infinite Baffle 
Enclosure Shape  Rectangle 
Enclosure Size (H x W x D) t.b.a.
Enclosure Weight (Unpacked) t.b.a.
Enclosure Construction Material  25mm MDF 
Internal Chambers  1
Finish  GN Neutral Black
Breakout Connector  Air tight lockable 4 pin male 
Transducer Compliment   
HF Transducer  1 x 305mm
Nominal Impedance  8 ohms 
Frequency Division  Active DSP
Crossover Type  4th order double LR 
Crossover Point  100 Hz 
With Bandwidth Extension Module (BEM)  Yes 
System Power Plant  Single mono block 
Front Baffle  Recessed hand cut, acid etched brand, model and BEM brass plaques
Rear Panel  Acid etched anodised aluminium model serial number plaque

Performance Specifications

Sensitivity (1W / 1m) t.b.a.
Rated mid band SPL @less than 2%THD t.b.a.
Typical mid band Harmonic Distortion (THD) t.b.a.
Frequency Response +/-2dB 20Hz -

Note: All models designed to deliver maximally flat / critically damped Butterworth Low Frequency alignment into the air.

Interface Cable System

Connector to Speaker Enclosure 4 pin lockable female
Connector to Power Plant 3 pin lockable male
Cable length 8 metres
Cable Diameter 7.5mm
Cable and Connector Colour Black

Cable Description and Specification

2 Core Conductor  
Material: Copper wire
Stranded: 7/26/0.12mm (14AWG)
Finishing: Bare copper wire
Cond Resistance: <10.0 ohm/Km & 20 degree C
Material: PVC (Black & Red)
Thickness: Filled 0.5mm Average
O.D: 3.10mm +/-0.1mm
Material: PVC (Black) Shore 71A
O.D: 7.5mm +/-0.1mm
Rate Temperature: Minus 40 degree C to 70 degree C
Rate Voltage: 300/500V
Voltage Withstand: 1.5KV/I minute
Part Number GNC-2
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