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CR-11 Cross Reference Monitor Specifications

A Note on Loudspeaker Specifications

It is a fact that while technical specifications are definitive; performance specifications are not. A speaker will perform differently subject to the constraints of its acoustic environment. When producing performance specifications, we believe they must represent the ‘real world’. We also suggest they be used as a guide only to the potential of a specific system. Therefore our performance specifications are produced, as a result of ‘real world’ testing, conservatively and with the goal of publishing useful data as opposed to marketing hyperbole.

Performance Specifications

Maximum SPL (2.83V/1m at Zmin) 100dB
Sensitivity (1W / 1m) 87dB
Freq. Response (+/-6dB) 60Hz-19kHz
Power Handling (Short Term Maximum Power IEC 18.2) 110W

Technical Specification

Enclosure Type Infinite Baffle
Enclosure Shape Rectangular
Enclosure Size (cm) 19 x 25 x 29
Enclosure Construction Material 18mm MDF
Finish Black Satin
Connectors Spring Terminal
Transducer 1 x Broad Range
    Size 148mm
    Effective Cone Diameter 102mm
    Voice Coil Diameter 26mm
Transducer (HF) 1 x HF Dome
    Size 33mm
    Effective Dome Diameter 27mm
    Voice Coil Diameter 26mm
Access Front Baffle
Nominal Impedance 8 ohms
Weight (unpacked) 4.5 kg
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